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            Volume 35                                FEBRUARY 2020                                               Number 2

                       2020 Leadership Tioga Program                              After the Fire . . .
                                                                                       Southern Tier Recycling Vows to Rebuild
                                                                                            its Recycling Plant in Apalachin

               Leadership  Tioga  held  its  kick-off   class  project  for  this  year  which  will   The company will continue to play a   other merchant facilities. It is now pay-
          session last month.                 include  community  service  for  a  non-  leadership role in the Southern Tier’s   ing  to  have  the  recyclables  transported
               Run  by  the  Tioga  County  Chamber   profit organization in Tioga County.     recycling industry.    between 80-100 miles to other facilities
          of  Commerce,  the  Leadership  Tioga        This  year’s  class  has  22  attendees        On the evening of Friday January 3, a   in the region and is paying $110 per ton
          Program  is  committed  to  inspiring  and   from the area, including a student from   fire quickly swept through Southern Tier   to  the  facilities  to  process  its  material.
          connecting participants to services in the   Owego Free Academy.        Recycling’s (STR) plant in Tioga Coun-  Previously,  STR  accepted  the  material
          community  by  promoting  personal          The class of 2020 Leadership Tioga   ty. Despite valiant efforts by the Apala-  and  used  its  own  equipment  to  process
          growth,  leadership  development,  net-  participants  are:  Ian  Barrett-Sargent,   chin  Fire  Department  and  many  other   and then sell the sorted material. Exacer-
          working, and skill building.        Heather Davis, Glenda Ford, Gary Frey,   area  fire  departments,  the  $4.5  million,   bating  the  situation  is  the  worldwide
               Various  class  locations  throughout   Vincent  Gennett,  Megan  Griffiths,  Ab-  30,000-square-foot  facility  was  a  total   market  price  depression  for  recycling
          the  county  give  participants  the  oppor-  bey  Hendrickson,  Kylie  Holochak,   loss.  Fortunately, the facility was closed   products as a result of China’s, the world
          tunity  to  learn  more  about  what  Tioga   Michele  Hughston,  Krista  Kelley,  Julie   at the time of the fire and there were no   largest purchaser of recyclable material,
          County has to offer. Dynamic speakers   Kipling, Matt Kisloski, David Lemmon,   injuries.  Investigators  currently  believe   forbidding  the  importation  of  much  of
          discuss topics such as professional lead-  Emily  Mantei,  Michelle  Pelton,  Mere-  that  the  fire  was  ignited  by  a  crushed   the  United  States’  recycling.  This  has
          ership, volunteerism, performance man-  dith  Sagor,  Daniel  Scherrer,  Lynn   lithium  battery  or  a  discarded  mobile   caused a glut in the market and has driv-
          agement, public safety, and human ser-  Schiess, Rebecca Staudt, Gregory Tifft,   telephone.                en  commodity  prices  down,  in  some
          vices.                              Michelle Vandebogart, and Isaac Weber.        There  are  scores  of  recycling  facili-  cases  to  unprofitable  levels  and  even
                The class heard from speaker Robert         For  information,  contact  the  Tioga    ties  nationwide  that  experience  similar   where there is no revenue at all received
          Williams on the importance of commu-  County Chamber of  Commerce at 687-  fires  as  STR  from  crushed  batteries.    for some commodities.
          nity and volunteerism.              2020 or      Once a spark is ignited, the contents of        Previously, STR covered its expenses
               Facilitator  Jill  Teeter  introduced  the                         the building, paper and plastics provide   by marketing its sorted material to world
                                                                                  the fuel to destroy the facility even with   markets.  This  allowed  STR  to  accept
                      Shared Services Building Update                             the  presence  of  fire  suppression  equip-  most  of  the  incoming  material  at  no
                                                                                                                      charge to its customers. Instead of sell-
                                                                                  ment  in  the  building.  However,  STR
                  by Donald Castellucci, Jr. - Town of Owego Supervisor           emphasized that despite this unfortunate   ing its material, it is now paying approx-
                                                                                  event,  the  company  is  making  every   imately  $157  per  ton  to  get  Southern
                                                                                  accommodation possible to continue the   Tier’s recyclables processed and availa-
                                                                                  smooth  operation  of  services  until  the   ble  to  the  market.  This  is  an  untenable
                                                                                  new facility is up and running.     situation; the company cannot afford to
                                                                                       Robert Taylor Jr., president of South-  continue  this  practice  for  any  extended
                                                                                  ern Tier Recycling, stated, “The loss of   period. On an interim basis, STR will be
                                                                                  the Southern Tier Recycling facility was   charging a fee to accept recycling until
                                                                                  a devastating event in the history of our   the new facility is open.  However, other
                                                                                  company; however, the area’s recycling   recycling  plants  in  the  Northeast  like
                                                                                  programs will continue to be unimpeded   STR  are  currently  charging  between
                                                                                  and all of our recycling partners across   $100-$135  per  ton  for  processing  only.
                                                                                  the  region  should  continue  business  as   Should  STR  not  reopen  and  no  other
              As you can see when you drive by the   been completed, the water has been tested   usual, as we will.”   facility with adequate capacity opens in
         Owego Town Hall, the new Shared Ser-  and  will  be  connected  in  the  upcoming        To allow the uninterrupted collection   the area, residents of the Southern Tier
         vices  Building  is  moving  along  as   weeks.                          and processing of area recyclables, STR   area could find themselves paying $160
         planned.  The  project  is  pretty  much  on        The  directional  boring  project  costs   repurposed  its  adjacent  waste  transfer   to $200 per ton to have the recyclables
         schedule other than some site work issues   were reduced by approximately $142,000   station for recyclables on the following   used again.
         that were resolved in the beginning of the   dollars from the original bid. This project   Monday, January 6.  STR is pleased to        While the interruption caused by the
         project.                             will also allow water and sewer to be run   report  that  recyclable  volumes  received   fire is truly unfortunate for the residents
              Over the next few weeks, you will see   in part of the 434 corridor for future de-  at the transfer station are consistent with   of the Southern Tier, STR is moving as
         the completion of the steel erection, ma-  velopment.  The  cost  of  the  shared  ser-  previous  volumes  despite  the  force   quickly as possible to support the area’s
         sonry work continuing and the foundation   vices project is on budget with no major   majeure  conditions.  This  process  will   recycling program’s return to normalcy.
         work  completed.  You  will  also  see  the   issues  to  date.    It  is  anticipated  that  the   continue  until  the  new  facility  is  con-
         wall  and  roof  panels  being  installed  as   building should be operational by August   structed,  equipped  and  opened.    STR
         well.  Of  course,  all  of  this  schedule  is   with a total takeover by the Town in Oc-  believes that the $5 million reconstruct-
         weather permitting.                  tober. I will continue to update residents   ed  facility  will  be  operational  in  the
              The directional boring and sewer and   on the project over the next few months   fourth quarter of this year.
         water  connections  are  nearing  comple-  along  with  the  second  phase  work  as        Presently, STR has to accept and load
         tion. The Town hall sewer connection has   well.                         the incoming volume to be delivered to

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