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JUNE 2021                                        TIOGA COUNTY COMMUNITY PRESS                                                       PAGE 10

                                                                                          Owego Elks Spare Rib Dinner - June 11

                                                                                        The  Owego  Elks  will  be  doing  a   Monday,  June  7.  Orders  can  be  placed
                                                                                   BBQ  Boneless  Spare  Rib  Dinner  on   by leaving a message at 687-1039, send-
                                                                                   Friday,  June  11,  for  pick-up  from  5:00   ing   an   email    to
                                                                                   to  6:00  pm,  at  the  Lodge  223  Front,  or  send-
                                                                                   Street in Owego.                    ing a message to the Owego Elks 1039
                                                                                        The meal comes with BBQ boneless   Facebook page.
                                                                                   spare  ribs,  corn  casserole,  and  cherry        All proceeds from the monthly take-
                                                                                   cobbler.  The  price  for  the  meal  is  $10   out dinners will go to fund the replace-
                                                                                   (cash or check).                    ment of the roof of the Elks Lodge. The
           “A business without a sign,                                                 This  month,  the  Elks  are  continuing   original building, known as the Latham
                                                                                                                       A.  Burrows  House,  was  built  in  1830
                                                                                   the  Sponsor-A-Meal  program  to  allow
             is a sign of no business”                                             community  members to buy  a  meal for   and is in both the New York State and
            Next to word of mouth advertising,                                     donation.  Sponsor-A-Meal  donations   National Historic Registers.
           signs are the most cost efficient, eco-                                 will benefit staff at assisted living facili-      For  more  information  on  the  Roof
             nomical means to communicate                                          ties in Tioga County. This event will be   Fundraiser, go to the Owego Elks Lodge
           YOUR MESSAGE to your customers                                          by pre-order only with all orders due by   1039 GoFundMe page.

           GIVE US A CALL TODAY                                                                Yard & Craft Sale - June 12
           • VINYL • BANNERS • CORRUGATED •                                           A  Community  Outdoor  Yard  and       Rain  date  is  June  19.    IF  there  is  a
           • JOB SITE • WINDOW LETTERING •                                        Craft Sale will be held on Saturday, June   need  to  postpone  the  sale  to  June  19
             • TRUCK &  BOAT LETTERING •                                          12,  9:00  am  to  2:00  pm,  at  the  Little   because  of  rain,  a  message  will  be  on
             • ETCHED GLASS • GOLD LEAF •                                         Meadows United Methodist Church, 843   church phone, 570-623-2746.
                                                                                  Pennsylvania  Avenue  in  Little  Mead-
                                                                                  ows, PA.

                                    REMEMBER DAD ON                                Letter to the Editor
                                            FATHER’S DAY                            Frequently asked questions about Mi-  return all calls good, bad or indifferent. I

                            $189.                                                  chael Roberts for Town of Owego High-  will  attend  all  Board  Meetings.  Hands
                                                                                                                       on problem solving.
                                                                                           way Superintendent,
                                                                                       NEW DIRECTION Campaign.
                                                                                 FS 38   How will you prioritize paving projects?    How much budgeting experience do you
                                                                String Trimmer
                                                                                      I  will  develop  5-10-15  year  plans  for        Serving for sixteen years on the leg-
             MS 170    Chainsaw                                 95                 road repaving. This is important to work   islature, I have been instrumental in re-
                                                       $123.                       within funding restrictions from the state   ducing the budget by millions of dollars.
                                        MM 56C                                     and town budget concerns.           In  addition,  every  year  a  budget  lower
                                                                                   How  will  you  keep  equipment  replace-
                                                                                                                       than the rate of inflation was produced.
                            Easy Start                    95                       ment within budget?                 How  well  versed  are  you  on  personnel
                            Rototiller                                                  First and foremost, I will develop and   issues?
                        $389.    95                                                oversee a strict maintenance program for        16  years  serving  on  the  Legislature
                                                                                   all  Highway  equipment  and  vehicles.  I
                                                                                                                       and 24 years of business ownership has
                                                   BG 50 Blower                    will institute an oil sampling program so   exposed  me  to  numerous  personnel  is-
                                                                                   repairs and or replacement can be justi-  sues. I have delt with these issues posi-
                                                                                   fied.                               tively.
                                                                                         I  introduced  the  policy  of  oil  sam-  How  much  do  you  know  about  equip-
          CHAINSAW                                                TRACTORS         pling  in  Tioga  County  Department  of   ment and fleet maintenance?
                      RT 17C WEST, 3951 WAVERLY RD., OWEGO, NY 13827               Public Works it has saved thousands on        I am certified in all aspects of auto-
                                     (607) 689-0330                                repair  costs  and  ultimately  staved  of   motive, heavy duty truck and equipment
          HEADQUARTERS                                                             expensive equipment replacement.    repair. I have actively work in the field
                                                                                   How will you increase productivity?   for over 40 years.
                                                                                        Immediately after taking office, I will   How about you personally?
                                                                                   incorporate  GPS  on  Highway  Town        I have been married for 39 years. We
                                                                                   Trucks. This will allow for better service   currently reside in Apalachin for the past
                                                                                   and accountability to taxpayers.    32  years.  My  wife,  Barbara and  I  have
                                                                                   Can you operate heavy duty equipment?   three  grown  children.  All  who  have  a
                                                                                        Yes,  I  have  owned  and  operated  all   great  work  ethic  and  we  are  proud  of
                                                                                   types of equipment. Including skid steer,   their  accomplishments.  We  have  six
                                                                                   bulldozer,  backhoe,  grater  and  excava-  beautiful grandchildren.
                                                                                   tor.                                  I  am  a  master  mechanic  by  trade  and
                                                                                   Do you have experience in road repair?   owned  a  successful  business  here,
                                                                                        Yes,  currently  Deputy  Chair  of   Apalachin Auto and Truck Repair for 24
                                                                                   BMTS.  This  committee  oversees  all   years. I have served on the Tioga Coun-
                                                                                   road projects on the County level at both   ty  Legislature  for  the  past  16  years.  I
                                                                                   Broome  and  Tioga  Counties.  Some  ex-  have served on numerous boards such as
                                                                                   amples  are  I81,  I86,  I88.  Currently   personal,  IT,  IDA,  budget,  finance  and
                                                                                   Committee Chair of Tioga County Pub-  legal, BMTS
                                                                                   lic Works Department.                    I have the correct qualifications to be
                                                                                   How will you increase Highway Super-  your  next  Town  of  Owego  Highway
                                                                                   intendent’s  response  to  taxpayer’s  con-  Superintendent.
                                                                                   cerns?                                   I am asking for your vote in the Pri-
                                                                                        I will be available during work week   mary June 22.          Mike Roberts
                                                                                   Monday thru Friday 7am to 5 pm. I will

                                                                                   Letter to the Editor
                                                                                        Choosing a New Highway Superintendent

                                                                                          On  June  22nd,  the  town  of  Owego   the two mechanics, I know one personal-
                                                                                   voters  will  be  asked  to  choose  a  new   ly, and can attest to his mechanical abili-
                                                                                   Highway  Superintendent.  The  duties  of   ties, and him being community  minded
                                                                                   the  job  are  to  maintain  the  over  200   in  the  village  where  he  lives  …  not  to
                                                                                   miles of roads that the highway depart-  mention  a  good  person.  The  other  me-
                                                                                   ment  is  responsible  for.  This  includes   chanic  is  also  a  county  legislator  for
                                                                                   over 50 miles of subdivisions and oth-  many years, and I’m not sure where he
                                                                                   er  residential  streets.  The rest of the   lives?  The fourth person that is running
                                                                                   miles  are  mainly  rural.  Within  the  200   for the position has worked in the high-
                                                                                   miles of roads, bridges, culverts, under-  way  department  for  30  years,  with  the
                                                                                   ground  storm  drain  systems,  and  road   last 19 being in the foreman’s position.
                                                                                   surfaces,  are  just  a  few  things  that  the   His name is Brian Harders. His years of
                                                                                   department is tasked with. Snow and ice   knowledge in road maintenance, paving,
                                                                                   operations  during  the  winter  season,  is   drainage  systems,  and  storm  impact  re-
                                                                                   the  department’s  main  focus,  with  the   sponse,  are  an  undeniable  asset  to  this
                                                                                   safety of the traveling public a priority.    town. In closing, take a look at the can-
                                                                                        The four candidates that are running   didates,  and  pick  the  only  one  that  fits
                                                                                   for  the  Superintendent  position,  have   the  needs  of  this  town’s  infrastructure
                                                                                   zero experience in road maintenance of   going into the future.
                                                                                   this magnitude, except for one. Two out   Sincerely,
                                                                                   of  the  remaining  three,  are  automobile   Mark  Clark,  Town  of  Owego  Highway
                                                                                   mechanics, with the third being a active   Superintendent
                                                                                   entrepreneur,  and  a  friend  of  mine.  Of
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