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          Stray Haven Offers Puppy/Dog Training Classes

              Stray Haven Humane Society and   learn  manners,  learn  tricks,  or  have
         SPCA in Waverly will be offering a   puppy play time, Stray Haven offers
         variety  of  classes  for  puppy  and   classes for every fur baby. For a list
         adult dogs.                         of  upcoming  classes  and/or  events,
             Whether you want your puppy to   visit

         Photo File: 50 Years Ago

         Victory Plaza, Taylor Road, Owego, N.Y.

          Fred J Brown Jr. Photo © 1971
                                                                                                                   HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

                               50 Years Ago                                                                        John, Sarah & Lorie

                                  June 1971                                             Skyline Services                      Has your

              It’s  June  1971.  President  Nixon’s       A 4.5-mile stretch of new Route 17 is                           agent retired?
         daughter Tricia marries Edward Cox in   opened  between  Endwell  and  Bing-    Serving NY & PA
         the White House Rose Garden.        hamton.  This  creates  a  continuous  167                                    Call us today
              Singer  Frank  Sinatra,  55,  gives  a   miles  of  open  expressway  between
         farewell  performance  in  Los  Angeles.   Nichols and Orange County, NY.                                        1-800-258-9404
         Sinatra says he’s serious about retiring.        Claude  Harmon  Jr.  of  Palm  Springs                               Check out our
              Lee Trevino wins the U.S. Open golf   wins the first B. C. Open at En Joie in
         title.                              Endicott. He wins $2,000.                          WE INSURE NEW YORK & PENNSYLVANIA
              T.  Vincent  Learson,  58,  succeeds       Friday night TV shows include “High   FARMS • MOBILE HOMES • RENTALS • HOMEOWNERS
         Thomas  J.  Watson,  Jr.  as  IBM’s  CEO.   Chapparal,”    “The  Brady  Bunch,”   AUTO • TRUCKERS • WORK COMP • BUSINESS • CONTRACTORS
         Learson  began  his  career  at  IBM  as  a   “Nanny and the Professor,” “The Name
         salesman in 1958.                   of  the  Game,”  “The  Partridge  Family,”         Skyline Services
              In  Apalachin,  Sharon  Hawley  is   “That  Girl,”  “The  Odd  Couple,”    and    891 Pennsylvania, Little Meadows, Pa.
         named Little Miss Apalachin at the Fire-  “Love, American Style.”
         men’s Field Days. Runner up is Pamella      Movies  playing  in  local  theaters  in-
         Lynch.                              clude   “The   Andromeda   Strain,”
              A record 797 students graduate from   “Marooned,” “Support Your Local Gun-
         Broome Technical Community College.    fighter,” “Escape from the Planet of the
             The Tioga County Board of Supervi-  Apes,” “The Boatniks,” and “The Aris-
         sors  votes  to  establish  a  nine-member   tocats.”
         county legislature that will assume pow-     Top tunes include “It’s Too Late/I Feel
         er  on  January  1,  1972.  The  plan  goes   the Earth Move” by Carole King, “Rainy
         before voters in November.          Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters,
              Tioga  County  Sheriff  Paul  Taylor   “Brown  Sugar”  by  the  Rolling  Stones,
         announces he will seek a fourth term as   and  “It  Don’t  Come  Easy”  by  Ringo
         sheriff.                            Starr.
              IBM  announces  development  of  the       And  2  pounds  of  marinated  Spiedie
         System 370, Model 195.              meat costs $1.98.

                               An Open Letter
            to the Apalachin Fire District Taxpayers.

                                                                                                        At the Catatonk Downs
         Dear Apalachin Taxpayers,           gain,  recognizing  that  it  is  a  one-time
              The  year  has  flown  by  as  we  head   benefit and should not be used to man-     Candor American Legion Post 907
         into June and prepare for a summer that   age recurring operational expenses.                90 Spencer Rd. Candor, N.Y.
         we  optimistically  get  to  share  safely        Some additional items of interest, the
         with our friends and family. At the fire   Fire District is in the process of acquir-
         department, things are starting to return   ing  the  vacant  home  next  to  Station  1.
         to a sense of normalcy as our member-  This is intended to solve our long-term
         ship  is  overwhelmingly  vaccinated  and   parking challenges at a much more cost-
         we  resumed  in-person  trainings  last   effective basis than using the rear of the
         month.  Our  volunteers  still  maintain   station.  We  also  have  declared  our  old
         safety  precautions,  particularly  with   fire engine surplus and intend to use the
         patient care, in an effort to remain safe   proceeds of that sale towards our Vehi-
         and  available  to  respond  to  emergency   cle  Reserve  to  offset  any  future  tax  in-
         calls.                              creases on replacement apparatus.
              As  shared  previously,  over  the  past        As we head into summer, we encour-
         nine  months,  the  fire  department  has   age all of you to stay safe, get vaccinat-
         answered  the  call  for  assistance  from   ed, and enjoy the opportunity to be with
         NYS  to  provide  EMS  coverage  for  the   friends  and  family.  As  always,  we  are
         COVID  testing  site.  Most  importantly,   here  to  serve  you  and  on  behalf  of  the
         our dedicated volunteers have still main-  entire Board of Fire Commissioners, we
         tained coverage for over 90% of all 911   want  to  thank  the  dedicated  volunteers
         calls we received this year and over 95%   and  staff  who  have  continued  to  serve
         for all first-due 911 calls in our district.   you  throughout  the  year  and  especially
         That  is  remarkable  achievement  given   in  this  pandemic.    Their  selflessness  is
         the  100+  hours  per  week  we  served  at   something we can all be proud of.
         the  COVID  testing  site  simultaneously        If  you  have  any  questions  or  com-
         and a testament to our volunteer dedica-  ments,  I  invite  you  to  reach  out  at  any   Tickets for the Derby may be purchased at
         tion.  Our  service  at  the  COVID  testing   time  and  look  forward  to  hearing  from   Candor American Legion Post 907
         site has also come to an end as we head   you.                                                 90 Spencer Rd. Candor, N.Y.
         into June.
              It will take some time to wrap up the   Sincerely,                                       during normal business hours.
         books, but the Fire District does antici-  Brian Rieber                                  Contact Pat Halstead at (6097) 262-0217  or
         pate  a  material  financial  benefit  from   Chairman, Board of Fire Commissioners
         serving at the COVID site. The commis-  Apalachin Fire District
         sioners are currently evaluating how we   607-765-2974
         can best benefit the taxpayers  with this
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