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JUNE 2021                                         TIOGA COUNTY COMMUNITY PRESS                                                       PAGE 6
                                                                                                     Kiwanis Club of Owego
                                                                                                  Performs Highway Cleanup



                                                                                        The  Kiwanis  Club  of  Owego   spectfully honor those who have giv-
                                                                                  helped beautify an area of our local   en their lives for our country.
                                                                                  community on Saturday, May 22, at        For information on how to partic-
                                                                                  the Kiwanis Circle on Route 17C in   ipate,  or  join  a  Kiwanis  club,  visit
                                                                                  Owego (near McDonald’s).  , find them on Facebook
                                                                                       Members picked up trash, pulled   @owegokiwanisclub,  or  join  them
                                                                                  weeds,  and  trimmed  plants.    Mem-  Thursdays  at  Noon  at  the  Parkview
                                                                                  bers  also  arranged  small  American   Hotel on Front Street in Owego.
                                                                                  flags  in  the  shape  of  a  cross  to  re-

                      Full Service Salon

           6514 Route 434, Apalachin, NY

              Located in Sweeney’s Plaza


                                                                                     Call for Artwork Submissions for Sept. Exhibit
                                                                                               “Everyday Life, Every Day Art”

                                                                                      The  art  exhibit  “Everyday  Life,   Studios,  1003  Sanford  Road  in
                                                                                  Every  Day  Art”  (ELEDA)  will  be   Owego.
                                                                                  held September 2 to September 30 at       Jurying will take place on August
                                                                                  Cloud Croft Studios in Owego.       18.  Unaccepted  artwork  can  be
                                                                                       The  exhibition  will  feature  work   picked up August 21, 22, and 23.
                                                                                  from artists within a 100-mile radius      The  Opening  Awards  Ceremony
                                                                                  of  Owego,  encompassing  25  coun-  will take place on September 2.
                                                                                  ties in New York and Pennsylvania.      Entry Fee is $25 for first entry, $10
                                                                                  For  every  artwork  sold,  80%  will   each additional entry, up to four per
                                                                                  benefit the artist and 20% will bene-  artist  allowed,  payable  by  cash  or
              Welcome Hannah Jones                                                fit the Tioga Arts Council’s Art a la   check  to  Tioga  Arts  Council.  Note:
                                                                                  Carte  program  that  brings  free  arts-
                                                                                                                      TAC Patrons get one free additional
                            Call Us Today                                         enrichment  activities  to  Summer   entry.
                                                                                  Meal Sites in Tioga County.
                                                                                                                         For  more  information  contact  the
                                                                                      Submissions  for  “Everyday  Life,   Tioga  Arts  Council  at  687-0785  or
                                                                                  Every Day Art” can be dropped off
                                                                                  August  7,  8,  and  9  at  Cloud  Croft
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