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JUNE 2021                                         TIOGA COUNTY COMMUNITY PRESS                                                       PAGE 7

                Hose Team Brings Back Firehouse Subs
                               for Steamer Effort
                Mobile Food Truck at Owego Central Station June 14-19


                                                                                                OPEN FOR DINING INSIDE!

                                                                                                        PLUS TAKE-OUT
                                                                                                           Our Hours are:
                                                                                             Monday thru Saturday 11am to 3 pm
                                                                                      Our regular menu is available for Take-Out or Dine In
                                                                                        Please call ahead for take out 607-625-2834
                                                                                                      LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

             Owego Hose Teams, Inc. is bring-       The  Hose  Team  is  planning  an
         ing back Firehouse Subs of Ithaca’s   event  each  night  Firehouse  is  in
         mobile food truck at Owego Central   town  including  hose  races,  read  a
         Fire  Station  on  North  Avenue  for  a   book  with  a  firefighter  night,  fire
         second  year,    Monday,  June  14  to   safety night, and other events. More        2713 Pennsylvania Ave., Apalachin, NY 13732
         Saturday, June 19.                  information will be available on the
              Proceeds from sub sales will sup-  Hose   Team   Facebook   page
         port  the  Owego  Fire  Department’s   @owegohoseteams.                            AC
         1866  Amoskeag  Steam  Fire  Engine        The  154-year-old  Owego  Fire
         restoration with “Steamer House” on   Department  Amoskeag  Steam  Fire       SERVICE
         North  Avenue  championed  by  the   Engine, known as the “Steamer,” has
         Hose  Team.  The  truck  will  operate   not  been  operational  since  the  late
         from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm daily out   1980s.  In  addition  to  restoring  the
         of  the  Owego  Fire  Station  #2  park-  steamer, the Hose Team is building a
         ing lot on North Avenue.            “Steamer House” like one located in
              Serving  firefighter  themed  subs,   Marathon,  NY,  to  showcase  the
         the  menu,  which  features  hot  spe-  piece  on  North  Avenue.  The  Hose
         cialty subs, salads, and other season-  Team estimates the Steamer restora-  CALL MAGGIE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TO-
         al  items,  takes  inspiration  from  the   tion  and  Steamer  House  to  cost  in   Floyd Wright Jr.  “The Wright Choice”
         firehouse  with  names  like  Hook  &   upwards  of  $100,000.  Once  the
         Ladder,  Engineer,  and  Firehouse   Steamer  returns  from  repair,  it  will       Open: Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
         Hero.  The  subs  are  prepared  with   once  again  reclaim  the  title  of
         meats  and  cheeses,  on  toasted  sub   “oldest  operating  in  the  United
         rolls,  and  served  “Fully  Involved”   States.”
         with vegetables and condiments.

            Apalachin Lions Award Scholarships for 2021

               Since 1989, the Apalachin Lions   rose  Area  High  School,  and  Ange-
         have  been  awarding  scholarships.   lina  Consolazio  from  Vestal  Senior
         This year, the Lions awarded schol-  High.
         arships  to  three  students,  with  each       The scholarship is to promote and                  116 Vestal Road, Vestal, New York
                                                                                                          992 Conklin Road, Conklin, New York
         winner receiving $1,000.            reward  young  people  for  their  ser-                      HOURS: Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm
              This  year’s  winners  are    Leigha   vice to their community and school.                      Conklin - Saturday 8 am – Noon
         Shaughnessy  from  Owego  Free           Congratulations  to  all  of  this                           Vestal - Saturday 8 am - 2 pm
         Academy, Valerie York from Mont-    year’s winners.                            $11.23                         CALL FOR
                                                                                           +tax              COMPETITIVE PRICES
                         Vestal Elks Make Donation
                                                                                          20 lb.                   • 748-3989 •

                                                                                     FUEL OIL  •  KEROSENE

                                                                                       WOOD PELLETS
                                                                                       COAL by the Bag

              Vestal  Lodge  #2508  Veterans  Com-  lodge Trustee; John Pooler, PER; Fran-
         mittee donated $500 to their local Stand   cess  “Myrph”  McMahon,  Director  &      New Broil King
         With Me Organization, which is a non-  Founder; George Light, Vestal Elks Vet-
         profit  organization  out  of  Binghamton   erans Committee Chairman;                     gas grills
         that  trains  and  pairs  service  dogs  for   (Back row): Becky Roden with her dog   in stock fully assembled
         veterans suffering from PTSD and other   Ruger; Tom Rackett with his dog Jabba;
         mental disabilities.                Dana  Young  with  her  dog  Dexter;
              John  Pooler,  PER  also  presented  a   Michaelene  Demko,  lodge  member;
         donation of $130 to the Stand With Me   Chris Root, Stand With Me board mem-
         organization  collected  by  the  Vestal   ber;  Shane  Phipps  with  his  dog  Siggi;
         CSD  Transportation  Department  in   Jaime Root with her dog Oliver; Connie   Gas grill parts for all makes of grills in stock!
         memory of Robert Short.             Studgeon,  Stand  With  Me  board  mem-
              Pictured: (front row) Jeff Keider with   ber;  and  George  Harrison  with  his  dog   Call for Furnace Installation Estimates
         his  dog  Abby;  Dave  “Pup”  Menigoz,   Banner.
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