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                                                                                               Central NY Fire Convention
                 Martin                                                                      Back After Year Postponement

           Plumbing & Heating
               Quality Reliable Service
              3908 Waverly Road, Owego,
                   New York 13827
                 (607) 687-1295
                 WATER HEATERS
               PLUMBING FIXTURES
                AIR CONDITIONING
                                                 We specializes in concrete
            “ON THE                            work and stone landscaping.
                                                We also have experience in
              RUN                                pole barns, sheetrock and              Fire  Service  meetings,  golf  outing,   winners.
            AROUND                                 taping along with any           block  party,  fireworks,  hose  race,  and        A  dinner  will  conclude  the  day’s
              THE                                      kind of demo.               parade  highlight  July  8  -  July  11  con-  events at the VFW at 7:00 pm followed
            CLOCK”                              All with fair honest prices.       vention in Owego.                  by an afterparty at the Rainbow Trail on
                                                                                        Owego Hose Teams, Inc. in partner-
                                                                                                                      North Avenue with music by the Kitch-
                                                 Call us for a quote today         ship with the Owego Fire Department is   en Sink Band (6pm), the Blues Brothers
                                                                                   hosting  the  127th  annual  Central  New   of  Central  New  York  (8pm),  and  the
                                                                                   York  Firemen’s  Association  (CNYFA)   Gents (10pm).
                                                                                   convention  July  8    through  July  11  in        Owego  last  hosted  the  convention,

                    Lawnmowers, Small Engines - Repaired                           downtown Owego.                    which  is  rotated  yearly  throughout  the
               Alternators, Starters, Generators, Motors - Rebuilt                      The  convention  originally  scheduled   state, in 2010. CNYFA and the conven-

                                                                                                                      tion  hold  special  meaning  for  Owego
                                                                                   for  2020  was  postponed  due  to  the
                                                                                   COVID-19 crisis.                   firefighters as the association’s founding
                                       NOW IS THE TIME TO                               Representing  20  counties  comprised   member and first president was Owego’s
                                                                                   of 500 fire departments, CNYFA serves
                                                                                                                      own  past  Owego  Fire  Chief  Frank  M.
                                         GET YOUR TILLER                           the volunteer fire and emergency medi-  Baker. Baker also served as president of
                                                                                                                      the Firemen’s Association of the State of
                                                                                   cal  services  of  Central  New  York,
                                        AND LAWNMOWER                              through  education,  legislation,  and   New  York  (FASNY)  and  is  widely
                                                                                   recognition  while  building  camaraderie
                                                                                                                      known today for his charitable contribu-
                                            CHECKED OUT                            with its members and partners.     tions that live on in Owego.  These con-
                                                                                        A full weekend of events for the con-
                                                                                                                      tributions  include  the  recently  restored
                                          SPRING IS HERE!                          vention is planned. On Thursday, July 8,   Baker  Fireman’s  Fountain  donated  in
                                                                                   a  welcome  reception  will  take  place  at
                                                                                                                      memory of his son George H. Baker and
                                                                                   American  Legion  Post  #401  with  live   the clocktower atop Owego Central Fire
                                Van Dervort                                        music by the Latimer Lee Band.  Friday,   Station.
                                                                                   July 9, will begin  with a golf outing at
                                                                                                                           This  year  marks  the  126th  anniver-
                   Repair And Rebuild Service                                      Tioga  Golf  Club  in  the  morning  fol-  sary  the  Central  convention  was  first
                                                                                                                      held  in  Owego  in  1895.  Other  years
                                                                                   lowed by a block party in the Flats area
              185 Shady Hill Road, Apalachin 625-4658                              of the Village of Owego in front of Cro-  Owego  hosted  the  convention  include
                                                                                   ton Hose Co. #3 Fire Station on Talcott
                                                                                                                      1908,  1924,  1934,  1953,  1970,  1987,
               PICKUP AND DELIVERY AVAILABLE                                       Street.    DJ Tommy  D.  of  Flat  Rat  Ad-  1995, and 2010.
                                                                                   ventures  will  be  spinning  your  favorite        The public is invited to participate at
                                                                                   tunes of today and yesterday at the par-  all events except the fire service meeting
                                                                                   ty.  Firehouse  Subs  will  have  their  mo-  Saturday  morning,  July  10.  Convention
                                                                                   bile fire food truck on hand. Youth hose   information  to  include  registration  for
                                                                                   races will take place with garden hoses.   the  convention  golf  outing,  dinner,  and
            Serving Tioga & Broome County                                          The  Broome  County  Firefighters  Asso-  parade  are  available  on  the  hose  team
                                                                                   ciation  Safety  Trailer  will  be  onsite  in
                          For over 25 years!                                       addition to bounce houses for children.
                                                                                        The block party is being dedicated in
                                                                                   honor of Bob Powell, a well-known lo-
                                                                                   cal  DJ,  who  has  courageously  battled
                                                                                        After the block party, fireworks will
                                                                                   be held at Draper Park on Front Street in
                                                                                   Owego with afterparty at the John Bar-
                                                                                   leycorn  Tavern  featuring  the  Beatles
                                                                                   Band. The fireworks display will be 26
                                                                                   minutes  long  with  over  500 rounds  be-
                                                                                   ginning after sundown.
                                                                                       Saturday, July 10, will kick off with a
                                                                                   memorial service and awards ceremony
                                                                                   at  the  Baker  Fireman’s  Fountain  in  the
                                                                                   courthouse  square  at  8:00  am  followed
                                                                                   by  fire  service  meetings  at  VFW  Post
               Apalachin, NY  (607) 625-3131 or (607) 754-2541                     #1371  on  Main  Street.  Firematic  hose
                                                                                   races will take place on Main Street be-
                                                                                   tween  Church  Street  and  Spencer  Ave-
           We bring our samples to your home or business                           nue in the afternoon at 1:00 pm followed
                     to see in your lighting conditions.                           by  a  grand  firefighter’s  parade  at  5:00
                                                                                   pm. Races include the ladder, wye, and
                  Free Consultation ~ Free Installation                            motor  hose.  Cash  prizes  and  trophies    Tioga County's
                                                                                   will be awarded to hose race and parade   COMMUNITY

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