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JUNE 2021                                         TIOGA COUNTY COMMUNITY PRESS                                                       PAGE 4

                                                                                          Vestal High School Senior Receives
                  STOP BY
                                                                                        Prestigious P.E.O. STAR Scholarship
               AND CHECK
             OUT OUR NEW                                                                Carlin  Reyen,  a  senior  at  Vestal   tential for future success.
                OUTDOOR                                                            High School, was selected to receive        Chapter B has been a part of the
                   DINING                                                          a $2,500 STAR Scholarship from the   Newark  Valley  community  since  it
                                                                                   P.E.O.  Sisterhood.  She  was  recom-
                                                                                                                       was organized in 1908.
                     AND                                                           mended  by  P.E.O.  Chapter  B  of        P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational
               GAME AREA                                                           Newark Valley, NY.                  Organization)  has  been  celebrating
                                                                                        Carlin Reyen is the Student Gov-  women helping women reach for the
               Serving  Lunch & Dinner  or Just a Snack!                           ernment  President,  is  active  in   stars for more than 150 years. Since
             Stop in and try our Homemade Soup Specials                            NetSci  High  research,  and  created   its  inception  in  1869,  the  nonprofit
                                                                                   Girls United during her high school
                                                                                                                       organization  has  helped  more  than
             Wednesday - Shrimp Nite • Thursday - Clam Nite                        career.  She is also Vice President of   116,000  women  pursue  educational
                     Check for daily specials on Facebook - The Terrace Tavern     National Honor Society and Captain   goals by providing over $383 million
                       The Terrace                                                 being a member of the Varsity Bas-  loans. The Sisterhood also owns and
                                                                                   of the Varsity Swim team, as well as
                                                                                                                       in  grants,  scholarships,  awards  and
                                                                                                                       supports  Cottey  College.  Through
                                                                                   ketball team, the Vestal High School
                       The Friendly  Neighborhood Tavern                           Building Planning Team, the Vestal   membership,  the  P.E.O.  Sisterhood
                                                                                                                       has  brought  together  more  than  a
                                                                                   Counseling  and  Guidance  Advisory
                         Rt. 434, Apalachin, New York  625-3935                    Committee,  the  Vestal  High  School   half a million women in the United
                                                                                   Mentoring Program, Future Business   States and Canada who are passion-
                                                                                   Leaders  of  America,  and Chemistry   ate  about  helping  women  advance
                                                                                   Magic Show. She will attend Cornell   through education, while supporting
                                                                                   University  in  Ithaca  in  the  fall  to   and  motivating  them.  In  addition to
                                                                                   study  English  and  Computer  Sci-  the  educational  philanthropies,  the
                                                                                   ence. She sees herself pursuing a law   P.E.O. Sisterhood provides a frame-
                                                                                   degree or a Ph.D. in either Computer   work of support and community for
                                                                                   Science or English.                 all members.

                6278 Rte. 434, Apalachin                                                The  P.E.O.  STAR  Scholarship        What  started  with  a  bond  of
              Margaret Karpel –  E-mail:                       was  established  in  2009  to  provide   friendship  among  seven  women  in
                       INDEPENDENT AVON REPRESENATIVE                              scholarships  for  exceptional  high   Mount Pleasant, Iowa, is now one of
                                                                                                                       the oldest women’s organizations in
                                                                                   school  senior  women  to  attend  an
            Call today for an appointment (607) 625-3591                           accredited  postsecondary  education-  North  America  with  close  to  6,000
                                                                                   al institution in the U.S. or Canada in   chapters.
                                                                                   the next academic year. The compet-       To  learn  more  about  P.E.O.,  its
                                                                                   itive STAR Scholarship is for wom-  powerful  educational  philanthropies
                                                                                   en who exhibit excellence in leader-  and see stories of women who have
                                                                                   ship,  academics,  extracurricular  ac-  benefited  from  the  programs,  visit
                                                                                   tivities,  community  service  and  po-

                                                                                   FOR SALE: Weathertech front  mats  tan   John (607) 321-4085                   06/21
                                                                                   for  Chrysler  Town  &  Country  or  Dodge   VENDORS WANTED:  You  are  invited
                                                                                   Minivan $40.  Lionel Polar Express NEW   to join the Candor NY 4th of July Cele-
                                                                                   plus extra car $295.  Chrysler alum alley   bration.    Spaces  are  first  come  first
               Coleman & Daniels                                                   wheels  two  excellent  condition  $100   served. Events: Car Show June 26, Car-

                                                                                                                      C o n t a c t
                                                                                     both.  607-201-5357     06/21    nival  July  1,2  &  3,  Horse  Pull  July  4.
                                                                                                                                        H a l s t e a d
                                                                                                                                  P a t
                                                                                                                                                     a t :
                 FUNERAL HOME LLC                                                  FOR SALE: Three lots in Vestal Hills, all  or  call  607-
                                                                                   together.    $2,000  Please  call  607-625-
                                                                                   4048                                                06/21
                                                                                                                      BEE SWARMS WANTED:  Bee  swarms
                                                      6519 Rt 434                  HELP  WANTED:  Wanted  experienced   wanted  on  trees  and  in  buildings.    Call
                                                                                   mechanic.  Must  have  New  York  State
                                                                                                                      (607) 625-3318 or (607) 201-4357    4/22
                                                    Apalachin, NY                  Inspection License Apply in person only.      WANTED:  Your  classified  ad  for  our
                                                                                   Nicks Garage, Main St Apalachin.  2421
                                                     607-625-3010                                                     July 2021 issue. Please send in the form
                                                                                   TOP DOLLAR PAID: Wanted!  Old  fish-  below by June 25, 2021.
                                                                                   ing tackle, lures, reels, etc. Call me first,
                                                                                   collector  not  a  dealer  so  I  pay  more.    SEND US YOUR CLASSIFIED ADS
                                                                                   Advertise your garage, yard or other sales, events, or items wanted or for sale here in
              300 Main Street                                                      the Community Press, the paper with the largest distribution (by US Mail) in the Owego
                                                                                   market area.  The same low rate for both commercial or personal family ads.  Only $5
                  Endicott, NY                                                     for the first 20 words.  1 WORD PER SPACE (add $1 for each 4 additional words)

                                                 765 Main Street
                                                     Vestal, NY

                                                  607-748-4695                                                                                     $5

             Mark J. Murphy, Lic. Mgr.       Steven Gabriel, Lic.                   Send your classified ad to: COMMUNITY PRESS 7830 Route 434, Apalachin, NY 13732

                                        Mgr.                                       Make check or money order payable to "BEAM" or drop off your ad at Beam Electronics
                      Locally Owned and Operated                                    in Apalachin.   phone 625-2222

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