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JUNE 2021                                         TIOGA COUNTY COMMUNITY PRESS                                                       PAGE 3

           Home Central’s Ryan Rennells Named

                   “Young Retailer of the Year”

                                                               Despite these signif-  19 Delaware Ave., Endicott, NY 13760
                                                          icant  challenges,  Ren-
                                                          nells  set  to  work  re-
                                                          building  the  popular     CALL  607-754-0707
                                                          Vestal  location,  while
                                                          growing  sales  and  re-
                                                          taining customers at the   •   RESIDENTIAL  •  COMMERCIAL  •  INSTALLATIONS  •
                                                          other  two  locations  by
                                                          catering   to   DIYers
                                                          tackling  projects  while
                                                          spending so much time     Dudock’s Property Solutions
                                                          at  home.  While  restor-
                                                          ing the Vestal location,
                                                          Rennells  added  value                    Heated Pressure Washing
                                                          in  the  form  of  a  com-               House & Roof Soft Washing
                                                          mercial  showroom  to
                                                          preserve  a  steady  flow                        Gutter Cleaning
                                                          of  customers  for  the    Driveway Cleaning • Concrete Cleaning • Patio Cleaning
                                                          materials  side  of  the
                                                          business, in addition to                Call Charis for a FREE Estimate!
                                                          retaining  Vestal’s  dis-
                                                          placed     employees.                           570-665-0823
                                                          With  the  Vestal  loca-
                                                          tion  back  open  and
              While  2020  was  certainly  full  of   looking  better  than  ever,  it’s  clear  that
         hardship  for  many,  there  are  some  in-  Rennells’  hard  work  and  dedication  to
         spiring  stories  of  resourceful  and  crea-  both  Home  Central  customers  and  em-
         tive  people  who  have  worked  tirelessly   ployees has paid off.
         to turn struggle into success.           Renells’ career highlights in his three
              Home  Central  General  Manager   years  in  a  management  capacity  at
         Ryan Rennells is one of those remarka-  Home Central include supervision of the
         ble individuals, and his dedication to his   construction of the Candor location from
         work  at  the  store’s  three  locations   the  ground-up,  as  well  as  spearheading
         (Owego,  Vestal,  and  Candor)  has  been   the expansion of the stores’ paint offer-
         recognized  by  the  North  American   ings,  which  resulted  in  doubling  the
         Hardware   and   Paint   Association   paint sale revenue.
         (NHPA),  an  industry-leading  network        “I’m extremely honored and humbled
         for  independent  home  improvement  re-  to  be  recognized  by  NHPA  alongside
         tailers.  Rennells  was  selected  from  a   other innovative young retailers making
         slew of inspiring independent home im-  a difference in their communities,” said
         provement, paint and decorating retailers   Rennells.  “I  strive  to  continue  to  make
         younger  than  35  across  North  America   Home Central both a friendly neighbor-             LUKE   CHRIS   JOHN
         as one of eight honorees representing the   hood  destination  for  projects  big  and
         future of the industry.             small,  as  well  as  a  great  place  to  work
              2020 was certainly a challenging year   for  our  valued  employees,  who  are  in-
         for Home Central, as a fire wreaked hav-  strumental in our success.”               8240 Route 434 (1.4 miles east of Pa. Ave.)
         oc  on  its  Vestal  location  in  February        To  find  out  more  about  Home  Cen-  Apalachin   (607) 258-0008
         2020, which was shortly followed by the   tral, visit or visit
         safety  concerns,  changing  needs  and   them  on  Facebook  at  Mon–Fri 8am–5pm    Oil Changes • Tires •Batteries & All Repairs
         supply chain disruptions associated with   homecentralny.
         the emergence of the pandemic stay-at-
         home order in March.
                                                                                                           Rick Pedro

                                                                                                 PIANO TUNING & REPAIR

                         At the Apalachin Library                                                   15% off your first tuning
                           719 Main St., Apalachin  625-3333

         Summer Reading “Tails & Tales”      Waterman Story Walk
          Saturday, June 26, 10 am - 1 pm        During July, your family can visit the
            Come  to  the  library  for  a  Tale-gate   library’s Story Walk at Waterman Cen-
         party. You can sign up for an American   ter. Pick up your Listening  Bingo Card
         Girls  program,  Reader’s  Club,  adopt  a   at the beginning of the Boardwalk Trail.
         (stuffed) pet to read to, get information   Read  the  story  while  you  listen  for  the
         on the other programs, or pick up some   sounds  on  your  card,  and  enjoy  your
         take  home  refreshments  and  crafts.   walk. Bring your completed card to the
         Teens, sign up for a special writing pro-  library by Saturday, August 7, turn it in
         ject and you will get a goodie bag.   and receive a free book called “The Lis-
                                             tening Walk” by Paul Showers.
         Story Hour
             The  last  week  of  Zoom  story  hour   American Girl Program                                 607 222 4096
         will be Tuesday, June 15 and Thursday,   Monday, July 19, 1pm to 3pm
         June 17. There will be a break until sum-  In the pavilion             
         mer  reading  starts  in  July  when  Story       Anyone 7 to 13 years old is invited to
         Hour will meet in the pavilion on Tues-  attend. (Parents are not required to stay
         days  and  Thursdays,  10:30,  (rain  or   for the program). This year’s American
         shine)  beginning  Tuesday,  July  6,  and   Girl  is    Nanea  Mitchell.  She  lives  in
         Thursday, July 8, at 10:30 am.      Honolulu,  Hawaii  during  the  1940s.
                                             Sign  up  for  this  program  by  July  1  by
         LEGO Club                           calling  625-3333.  You  will  receive  a
            LEGO Club will meet not meet again   free book about Nanea at the program.
         until fall.
                                             Readers Club

         July 3                                  Reader’s  Club  will  be  different  this   HAPPY FATHER’S DAY
              The  library  will  be  closed  on  Satur-  year. Stop in, sign up for the number of   DAD & GRANDPA
         day, July 3, for the 4th of July holiday.    minutes  that  you  choose  to  read  each
                                             week and adopt a stuffed animal pet to
         Book Barn                           read  to.  Read  to  your  pet  for  6  weeks.   TIRES • BATTERIES
            The Book Barn has lots of puzzle and    Every week when you finish your read-
         books about sports. These items will be   ing, stop in and let a librarian know and   OIL CHANGES
         50 cents each for the month of June.    they  will  give  you  a  free  book.  Kids
                                             preschool through high school are invit-
         Audio Books                         ed to participate.
             Have  you  tried  the  audiobook  selec-                                     • Daily & Weekly Rentals •
         tions  on  Overdrive  and  Hoopla?  Find   Visit the Library                  • Direct Billing to Insurance Co. •
         both  apps  on  the  Finger  Lakes  Library       Feel  free  to  visit  the  library  and   5780 Rt 434, Apalachin,
         System  (FLLS)  catalog  page.  If  you   browse  through  the  materials.  Just  a       NY
         need help, call the library.        quick  phone  call  (625-3333)  is  all  it   Rental 625-9904 Towing 625-5653
                                             takes. There are lots of new materials.
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