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                                                                                          Native Plants are for the Birds
                                           FREE                                         Native plants are important to wild-  cess  to  their  book  catalog  where  you
                                        ESTIMATES                                  life especially for migrating birds and   can browse and reserve a book to pick
                                                                                   butterflies. Why are they important?
                                                                                                                       up.  Books  like  “Nature’s  Best  Hope”
                                                                                        Well, let’s take an example. You fly
                                                                                   from Texas to upstate New York every   by Douglas L. Tallamy. It is subtitled
                                                                                                                       “A new approach to conservation that
                                                                                   year  to  visit  your  grandma  and  every   starts in your yard”. He advocates us-
                                                                                   year  grandma’s  waiting  at  the  end  of   ing  your  yard  to  become  part  of  a
                                                                                   your  flight  with  your  favorite  peanut   “Backyard  National  Park”.  Many
                                                                                   butter and jelly sandwich. You haven't   backyards  planted  with  native  plants
                                                                                   eaten  for  1000  miles  and  you’re  very   can form links for birds and butterflies
                   607-759-9282 • Apalachin, NY                                    hungry  and  year  after  year grandma’s   between  nature  preserves  and  larger
                                                                                   there  with  your  favorite  sandwich.   parks.
                                                                                   Then one year Grandma isn’t there and        Another local organization  helping
                                                                                   you have no change for the snack ma-  to  support  birds,  bees,  and  wildlife  is
                                                                                   chine. Not a good situation.        the Owego Rotary. They have recently
            Stream & Ditch Repair                     Excavation                        Migratory  birds  make  a  flight  of   started developing a nature preserve in
           Gravel –Mulch—Topsoil                   Retaining Walls                 thousands of miles every year and they   an area of the village known as Cana-
                                                                                   don’t have a Grandma with a sandwich   wanna, which get its name from a for-
                                                           FULLY                   waiting  for  them.  They  are  very  hun-  mer  street  name  in  that  area.  The
              Email:                    INSURED                   gry after flying thousands of miles and   Owego Rotary is planting many plants
                                                                                                                       and shrubs  that will help attract birds,
                                                                                   native plants attract the insects that the
                                                 birds    are  used  to  eating.  Insects  are   butterflies  and  insects  and  help  their
                                                                                   their peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   survival  in  a  Canawanna  Nature  Pre-
                                                                                   What they’re looking forward to at the   serve between Water Street and Canal
                                                                                   end  of  a  flight  are  the  plants  and  in-  Street in Owego. Native plants are not
                                                                                   sects  they  have  co-evolved  with  and   only  beneficial  to  insects,  butterflies
                                           VERVALIN                                here.                               they  have  evolved  in  this  region  they
                                                                                   expect  to  be  there  when  they  arrive   and birds and  other  wildlife  but since
                                             CONSTRUCTION  &                            But  these  plants  and  insects  have   are easier  to  grow  and  survive.  There
                                                                                                                       are many native plants that can easily
                                                                                   been decreasing over the past 50 years.
                                                 REMODELING                        The  decrease  in  native  plant  and  in-  be  integrated  into  your  backyard  gar-
                                                                                   sects has been  accelerating.       den.  It can be  challenging  at times  to
                                                                                        One  big  reason  is  loss  of  habitat.   select plants that are native to this area
                                (607) 625-3102                                     The  U.S.  has  lost  over  150  million   and are attractive in your garden.
                                                                                   acres of habitat and farmland to urban
                                                                                                                           To  help  you  select  some  for  your
                                                                                   sprawl,  and  that  trend  isn’t  slowing.   yard  the  Waterman  Conservation  and
                                                                                   There are ways that you can help.    Education    Center  has  selected  four
                                                                                        There  are  two  local  organizations
                                                                                                                       plants  that  are  native  and  suitable  for
                                                                                   that are working to help the birds and   your yard. WCEC will be selling these
             • KITCHENS  •  BATHS • ADDITIONS • DECKS •                            other wildlife get the kinds of food that   at a plant sale at Farmer Browns Mar-
             • CUSTOM COUNTER TOPS   •  CEILINGS •                                 they need to survive here.          ket on Rt 434 on June 19 and 20. The
                                                                                        One  organization  is  the  Waterman
                                                                                                                       plants are  Eastern  Purple  Coneflower,
            • REPLACEMENT WINDOWS   •   PANELING •                                 Conservation  and  Education  Center   Cardinal  Flower,  Smooth  Oxeye  Dai-
                                                                                   (WCEC)  based  in  Apalachin.    Water-  sy, and White Turtlehead. These plants
            FULLY INSURED FREE ESTIMATES                                           man has 5 nature preserves throughout   are native, beneficial to pollinators and
            Michael VerValin         Apalachin, N.Y.                               Tioga and Broome County.            birds and are  attractive  enough  to put
                                                                                        They  also have  a  library  in Apala-  in your backyard.
                                                                                   chin  which  will  soon  have  online  ac-
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